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New rhythms for your MZ-X500

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I've uploaded some MZ-X500 rhythms converted from various Yamaha arrangers styles.

I own an MZ-X500 and the conversion has been entirely made using the internal instrument's tools without using a PC.

I've revoiced wrong instruments, adjusted volumes, re-mapped wrong notes (especially in some drum tracks), and shifted up many bass tracks that where too low.

I've also adjusted the effects values and the panning to my own personal taste,

I hope you will like them :D


In this package you will find some 6/8 rhythms, 8 Beat rhythms and 1 16/8 Ballad for a total of 18 rhythms.


Link to the download section  



Let me know if you like it!

Have fun!

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Great job !


Were the Yamaha styles earlier than the later Yamaha styles where you have to load them first into YEM (Yamaha Expansion Manager). I would be interest to know how you did the Conversion

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I've done a few of them myself.  I also own a PSR-S900 that I wouldn't part with and I like many of the styles within it that I've imported some to the MZX.  But, its a definite bear to convert because the import process is not very transparent.  There is a lot of editing required to get the setups right so that it sounds correctly.  So, my hats off to you and/or anyone else who does this because its a lot of work!! :applause:

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