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Dhiraj Jaunjal

ctk 6300in usb midi drivers for windows 10 pc

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guys i have recently bought ctk 6300in. but as soon as i tried connecting it to my computer it said that "usb device is not recognised" and then it would automatically get disconnected.i later on found out that i need the casio ctk 6300in usb midi drivers for my pc. i searched for it through out the google but i didnt get it, not even on the casio's official site.Can you guys please help me out?? 

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You will not find any "downloadable" drivers for the CTK-6300IN, as there are none.  The CTK-6300IN is "Class Compliant".  It is designed to work with the drivers that have been built-in to Windows since XP Service Pack 2 (including Windows 10) and the last several iterations of MAC-OS.  That is to say, the drivers you seek "should" already be part of your operating system.  Admittedly, Windows 10 has more than its share of problems with USB-MIDI, but these are typically due to damaged or missing files in the operating system build.  By far, the majority of these problems appear to be with systems that have been upgraded to Windows 10 from earlier versions, and often require a re-install of the upgrade.  Try a Google or Bing search on "USB-MIDI problems with Windows 10" for ideas on how to deal with the problems, but as a start, if your computer has both USB-2 and USB-3 ports, make sure you are using a USB-2 port, as many (most ?) USB-3 ports have problems with USB-MIDI.  Keep in mind that, while the problem you are experiencing, is not unusual, it is also not generic or "across the board".  There are many Casio (and other) owners whose keyboards are working fine with the "Class Compliant" drivers that are built-in to Windows-10.





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