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Chinmay Nagar

CTK-4400 Harmonica tone numbers

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I have recently started taking Indian vocal music lessons and would like to know the tone numbers for Harmonica tone on my Casio CTK-4400 keyboard.

This is very essential for me to practice at him.

Kindly help.




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The information you seek can be found in the Appendix that came with the WK-240/CTK-4400 manual.  You can download both the manual and its appendix from:




The WK-240/CTK-4400 (The WK-240 is the 76 key version of the CTK-4400.) actually have four different harmonica tones.  From the high quality tone bank, you have tone numbers 128, 129, and 130, and from the lower quality, polyphony saving, GM tone bank, you have tone number 478.


For proper attention, future questions regarding your CTK-4400 should be posted in the Other CTK/WK Models sub-forum below.

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