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Problems sending MIDI messages to a DAW

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I can't send MIDI messages to my DAW on my Privia PX-350M. The audio from the piano to the DAW plays and records fine. I hooked the MIDI DIN plugs to another keyboard and it sent MIDI messages to the DAW just fine. So there's no issue with the DAW. I've also tried disconnecting the DIN plugs from the Privia and just going with the USB MIDI, but still no transmission. Has anyone else run into this problem?

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Since I am unsure of your experience with all of this, I apologize if some of the following gets a little too basic.


On the PX-350M (or any keyboard, really), USB-MIDI and 5-pin-DIN MIDI are two entirely different circuits, so it is very highly unlikely that both would be defective.  I suspect a subtle set up problem, somewhere.  Let's start with USB-MIDI.  Since the 350M can send audio to your DAW, we know the DAW has the proper "Audio Device" selected in its audio setup menus, but if you have not already done so, you need to make a similar selection in your DAW's "MIDI Device" set up menus.  In there, you should see and select the device labeled "Casio USB-MIDI".  The 350M is "Class Compliant", so you should not need to install any drivers, over and above those which are already built-in to your operating system (Windows or MAC-OS), and which will load and activate automatically the first time you connect the 350M.  While we are on the subject of operating systems, what operating system are you running?  Some combinations of keyboard/PC hardware can have USB-MIDI problems with Windows-8/10, particularly Windows-10.


You also need to ensure that the 350M is tranmitting on the same MIDI Channel that the DAW is "looking" for data on, and vice versa.  See Item 7-1 "KeyboardCh" under "MIDI Group" in the Function menu (Page E-45 in the manual).  This applies to USB-MIDI as well as 5-pin-DIN-MIDI.  Again, sorry if this seems overly elementary, but it is something that does get overlooked from time to time, especially in the heat of frustration.


Now, 5-pin-DIN-MIDI is a different story.  I'm not really sure what is going on there, so we need to set up a trouble-shooting connection.  Since your "other" keyboard is able to communicate with your DAW, we know its 5-pin-DIN-MIDI is working OK.  Connect the 350M and your "other" keyboard's 5-pin-DIN-MIDI connections together, set both to transmit and receive on MIDI Channel 1 and see if they will communicate with each other.  If they do, then you know that the 350M's 5-pin-DIN-MIDI is operating OK, and you have a set up problem somewhere between the 350M and your DAW.  If the two keyboards will not communicate, you know there is either something wrong with the 350M's 5-pin-DIN-MIDI set up or the 5-pin-DIN-MIDI circuit is defective.  This assumes that your "other" keyboard has full MIDI IN/OUT capabilities.  If it is a "controller" with just a MIDI OUT, at least connect that to the 350M's MIDI IN to see if the 350M will receive MIDI data from it.


Also,  I strongly recommend a MIDI test utility.  It can save a lot of time when trouble-shooting MIDI problems:


for Windows:



for MAC-OS:



Good luck!  Let us know how things work out.

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I posted yesterday that I found the problem. You can read it if you like, so I don't have to reiterate. And thanks for your input. They were certainly valid points, but it came down to something a lot simpler.

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