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analog synth with XW step sequencer

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I want to control an analog synth modul with the XW step sequencer over MIDI OUT. I have a MIDI to CV/Gate

Converter and can control it with the MIDI OUT [Key] selection over the XW's Keyboard. But if I play a step Sequence

I don't receive a signal at the MIDI/CV Converter. How can I change the settings from the XW to get the sequencer controlling the


The MIDI chanel of the Converter is chn 1 by default and I read that the sequencer parts are linked with MIDI chanel 8- 16.

How and where can I change this ? 

I tried in Performance Mode MIDI > Edit > Seq > Solo1 > [1] but there is still no input at the Converter.

If I swap MIDI OUT chanel to 15 and try the Learn Button at the converter there is no signal, too.

Thanx Christoph.

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You have to turn on MIDI output for the step sequencer parts.  To quote Mike Martin from 5 years ago ..."Edit your PERFORMANCE.   Scroll down to MIDI Edit, press enter.  Use the Part +/- buttons and select tracks 8-16 turn MIDI (or USB) ON."  The output channels are 8-16. I haven't looked lately but I am pretty sure the out channels are fixed.  

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Yes, worked.

In each Sequence you can attach a part to a MIDI channel and MIDI OUT has to be turned ON.

The Converter gets this channel by holding the learn button.


Thanx a lot, Christoph.

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