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Christopher Pieters

Casio ctk 6200 how to get wk 3800 sound

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Hi there Chris and welcome to the Casio forums. I'm pretty sure you can only import rhythm data from other models into the CTK-6200  Maybe that's what you want, because the *basic* sounds should be pretty much the same across the models you mentioned. 

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The CTK/WK-6XXX/7XXX models can not import sounds from previous models.  The sound engines are significantly different.  Many of the wave samples are different, and some of the wave shaping parameters are different.  Some of the previous single strike (single velocity) wave samples were upgraded to dual strike (velocity switched dual wave samples), and some of the previous dual strike (dual velocity) wave samples were upgraded to triple strike (trilple velocity) wave samples (the marquee Stereo Grand Piano tone, for one).  Consequently, the corresponding wave shaping parameters, had to be modified to accomodate these changes.  Before you ask which ones remained the same, so that you can import them, the tone files for the newer models are different from the older models, which the newer models just will not accept.  Believe me.  I tried, any number of different ways, but even if it were possible, the tone files contain only the wave shaping parameters.  The actual wave samples remain resident on their own keyboards, and Casio has never provided any means for exporting/importing the preset wave samples between keyboards on the CTK/WK models.  Since the Rhythm engines are similar, Casio provided a means of importing Rhythm files from the previous models to the newer models (but not from the newer models to the older models), but due to the reasons mentioned above, they did not provide for a means of importing tone files from the older models to the newer models.


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