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Recorded sequence as a background layer?

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Is there a way to record sequence with specific sound and then improvise over it using another sound?


I can do it with the same sound as sequence, but when I switch to another sound, my sequence switches too...


I want to lay some piano chords and then improvise over it with synth pcm...


Xw-p1 of course :)


Will be happy if you can help :)

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It sounds like you are trying to use the Phrase Sequencer. You could alternately try recording into the Step Sequencer but of course you will be limited to 16 steps for each individual track of each pattern. As it turns out you _can_ do what you want using the Phrase Sequencer. But rather than try to cram an explanation of how to do it in this reply I will instead recommend that you download The XW-P1 Companion and read Appendix A. It should tell you everything you need to know. 

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