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Initial thoughts on MZ-X500

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I was under the impression that the X500 has a couple of really good Wurlitzer "emulations" under "60's EP"??

I guess, maybe, they lack a specific "something" that you're looking for?!?


How about a little basic editing to get that "just right" sound that you have in mind?

My guess is that it's all there if you look for it!


Take it easy




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I'm reasonably certain that that "growl" and "bite" that I was hoping to find when you dig into the keyboard (likely over 80 or 100 velocity) needs to come from a sample.  I haven't heard it in any of the keyboard samples, but who knows, maybe there's a bass patch or a trombone "blat!" that has a similar growl to it and i can make a hex layer, triggering it at the higher velocities.  Would love to be pointed in the right direction!  Or perhaps a good Wurli sample I can load into the x500.


I'm loving the sounds on this board more and more, but that is one crucial sound I'm missing.  The other parts of the EP / Wurli sound I can get thru this board are fine.



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