The tempo drift glitch with XW series

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Hello, I'm sorry first of all. I know this question has been answered somewhere on this forum and I have looked for days trying to find it.

I know that because my xw p1 is not updated that it has problems syncing correctly with other machines. I also read that there was a work around but I don't remember what it was. I don't have a computer to do the update with and I'm worried I would botch it if I tried anyway.

Can one of you fine people remind me of the solution to this problem?

I ask because it seems that even when I quantize the phrase looper it seems to drift when I'm using my drum machine. ( electribe es2) 


Thanks in advance :D

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I am using midi sync, I was using the p1 in slave mode. Everything seems to be connected correctly. The display reads slave, the tempo updates if I change it on my electribe, and it will receive stop and start commands correctly.

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