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Scott Hamlin

Casio Plans More Higjh-End Digital Pianos and Keyboards

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I was perusing Casio's annual report for 2016 and found this very interesting statement from the Casio CEO:

"In the electronic musical instruments business, we will endeavor to develop new markets by marketing instruments at high price points, especially our full-featured pianos and high-quality keyboards. Specifically, we will market instruments to specialty musical instrument stores and music schools, and we will expand sales of keyboards in North America and Europe."

Kazuo Kashio
 Casio Chairman and Chief Executive Officer



This is great news! More high-end digital pianos and keyboards for pros and "prosumers".. next gen versions of the current line up or all new instruments??? . By the way,  this is also good for the casual user; the tech from the flagship models usually end up in mid-range instruments eventually, often in a more limited form. We're already seeing this with the Celviano AP-700: it has the three piano samples from the Grand Hybrid series. 

Go Go Casio! :2thu:

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Sounds exciting and promising.  Winter NAMM 2018 should be interesting. New synths?  New stage piano? New product no one has imagined yet?  Imagination goes wild.  

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I would be happy to see a Casio sound module PERIOD. I don't really need more keyboards (except for a 76 key super synth - from Casio I hope!). But having more sounds in hardware is always welcome (I like hardware - I'm old school). Some day I will pick up a lightly used INTEGRA 7. The recently released D-05 Boutique series module is tempting (I have a D-10). It's a D-50 in a little box.

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Yes!  The 76 key Casio MZ-X600... (we can only hope)...NAMM, Jan 2018 - Countdown to greatness.

1) 76 keys (semi weighted)

2) sliders (and knobs) programmable for "catch" or "jump"

3) better graphic interface

4) bigger display ... PLEASE

5) more assignable knobs (maybe 4?)

6) fluid motion on knobs instead of detented clicks

7) knobs option

6) sliders assignable for layers and split levels (maybe that does it already?)

7) vocorder

8) vocal harmony


What would you like to see in the next Casio MZ-X?


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