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Mike Martin's Live XW Clinics: Highly Recommended!

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Mike Martin has produced a number of live clinics over the years following the introduction of the XW synths in 2012. The most recent was uploaded to YouTube in early 2016, four years after introduction. That's just one of the many ways Mike went above and beyond to support the XW series. Mike's support for all of Casio's products is one of the reasons I recommend them. I personally found these clinics, several of which I attended live, quite helpful, especially when the machine was new to me. They are organized below from earliest to latest according to their upload date on YouTube.


Note: Even if you have a XW-G1 there are things in the XW-P1 clinics that will apply to your G1. Likewise the clinic on the XW-G1 discusses many things that also apply to the XW-P1.







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The XW-P1 remains one of my all time favorite instruments. I have actually spent a lot of time with it recently as one of our artists, Steve Weingart will taking his XW-P1 on tour with David Sanborn.  The XW-P1 has an amazing quality and character that fits in perfectly with other instruments (including our own PX-5S and PX-560).  I also was exploring areas of the XW-P1 such as its HexLayer section which are actually remarkably different sounding than the versions in the PX-5S, PX-560 and MZ-X500.  I've tried to recreate many sounds on the PX-5S that I have on the XW-P1 and they simply don't sound the same at all.  The XW-P1 also has several other advantages in its wide selection of waveforms that only exist on the XW-P1.  Probably the biggest weakness of the XW-P1 is the onboard DSP effects. I find myself using pedals and other outboard gear with it and it is simply amazing. 

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