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Software problem ?

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I send my WK7600 for service to my local dealer, after a few weeks of use.The problem was that on nearly all the keys the B and the Dsharp were not working/no sound, even after initializing it for several times.

When I got it back they said that they couldn't find anything wrong, ....I thought...strange, ...but I was happy because it worked fine again!

I havent used it for a period of time, so my warranty expired, but when I turned it on, last week the same problem was there.

I've tried initializing again, wich didn't work, so I can't use it at all!

My question is: Maybe this problem, probably a Software problem, is known by someone .... any suggestions ??





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Problems that come and go like this are usually one of two common manufacturing hardware defects - either a "cold solder joint" where a component fastens to a circuit board, but did not heat sufficiently to effect a permanent  "weld", OR an intermittent ribbon cable connection - usually not where the connector plugs onto the pins of the circuit board, but rather where the plastic connector crimps onto the ribbon cable.  Usually this is the result of one or more of the metal fingers inside the connector not properly piercing the ribbon cable's insulation, during the crimping process, to make a reliable connection.


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Thank you so much for your response and info, Ted !

Opened the k-board myself and, tightened/and fastened some long ribbon cables with a few ty-raps, ...

the keyboard is working : FINE !!!

Also it looks a whole lot better inside(haha), put it back together, and played it for an hour!

Very happy again with the WK7600 !

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