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Loop sample on XW-G1

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Hello All,


First let me introduce myself. My name is Frank and i'm an woodwind player with saxes and AKAI 4000S.

On stage i also play some synths. Use Casio XW-P1 and since a few days the XW-G1. Neat machines. 


I now have under my user-preset U-200, a Didgeridoo sample 4 seconds long. (Sample converting and uploading went very well with the editor!)

Question: How can i loop this sample without the sample looper or how can i get rid of the count in beep of the sample looper?

The sample needs to be played for several minutes without re-pressing a key... Could someone help me with this?


Sorry for my crooked English, not a native speaker.


Thanks in advance and regards to this very fine forum.





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Hi Frank. It's been a while, but I'm pretty certain you set the loop point in the editor before uploading. You can then assign it to the keyboard and have it "hold". This is all done without using the Sample Loope.r 

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