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The latest keyboard of 2017.

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Since winter nam and summer nam things you might thought have been quiet. 

But Actually hype and fandom have been hushed a little by the great unknown, 

Which was a good thing to much excitement can kill interest or total perspective 

on something.


There is always room for better new and latest to create music and wow a public

with tunes being it professional , amateur or bedroom noodler "( cough like me )" .


I can only say Roland came with a few new ones on their boutique series, compact 

portable instruments that really speaks to this time. Modular synths also had a few 

interesting releases, Also a few controller keyboards still in experiment fase but 

interesting enough to see through like the Synton.


Korg has revealed their Grand Stage with seven engine's But the one that quietly

surprised me was a Dexibell maybe its the name or the though

that its a keyboard in the unknown grey area but they actually came up with a keyboard 

that sounds pretty darn sweet, Dexibell combo J7 organ sounds luscious, Don't know 

much about this one but it certainly one to have a look at from dexibell. 










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Yeah its going crazy again Roland D-05 and Vsynth combo's,

Yamaha Genos all not only sounds but new possibilities. 

And it seems stage and studio related, also newest stomp boxes. 

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