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Ctk 7200 sequencers

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Hi newbie member here  I was thinking about getting a ctk7200 to use in a duo with guitar can anyone tell me if I make a user pattern on the backing drums bass etc can I still use the into fills endings etc,any advice would be appreciated and do you think the 7200 would be ok for a duo going through a keyboard combo

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can I still use the into fills endings etc ?


Yes!  You would start by creating your drum and bass "main" parts with the Pattern Sequencer, saving it as a User Rhythm, and then bringing in the Intro, Ending, and Fills of your choice, from other preset or User Rhythms, through the process known as "Creating a User Rhythm by Combining Existing Rhythm Parts", as it is called in the manual.  You will find a tutorial video, by Casio's Mike Martin, for laying out your initial tracks with the Pattern Sequencer, at the link below.  It was originally done for the CTK-7000/WK-7500, but applies equally well to the CTK-7200/WK-7600:




For your second question: I only ever used my CTK/WK-6XXX and 7XXX boards in a home/studio environment, as I gave up live gigging many, many years ago, so I will leave that one for others, who have had the actual experience, to answer.


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