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      Make Sure You are Using Firmware Version 1.13   02/22/2016

      Important Reminder: Make sure your PX-5S is updated to firmware version 1.13. Click the post title above to be taken to a video that will show you how to check your firmware version, where to get the firmware, and how to install the update if needed. 
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Muti-midi channel in the same time

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Hello everyone!

Is there anyway to play Px5s 2 or more midi-channels in the same time without using computer and playing live? ( e.g. I want to play a key and channels 1,2,3 play the note that I pressed.






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Sure.  The PX-5S is a 4 zone controller. You can make any stage setting do that. Simply use the zone buttons to select each zone. Turn the zones on by pressing both zone buttons together.  Zones 1-4 default to channels 1-4.  

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