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I am new to the  forum, have had the xw-p1 for a month or two (still learning the in & out 's, I have a question. How do you get into the alpha-nuemerical, so I can name the program or song that i'm saving. I can't find it in the manual .

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Welcome to the Forum and to the world of Casio !


To save a User Tone or a User Phrase, you need to press the "Write" button to enter "Write" mode (obviously).  When you first come into "Write" mode, the display cursor will be located in the upper right corner of the display screen ( as indicated by the heavy brackets: [[ xxx  ]] ) and will be enclosing either the User Tone number or the User Phrase number, depending upon which you are saving.  At this stage, you need to press the Down Arrow button to move the cursor down to the "Name" line, which activates the "Naming" mode.  From that point, you can use the alpha-numeric characters above the Tone Number buttons to enter the Tone or Phrase name of your choice.  Use the Left/Right Arrow buttons to move the cursor to the existing character you want to change, then use the Data Wheel or the   + / -   buttons to change that character to the character that you need at that location.  The "naming" process is an integral part of the "Write" (save) procedure, so if you have items that you have already saved with the default system names, you just need to select them and then go through the "Write" process again, in order to rename them to something of your choice.  If/when you do this, you will probably need to temporarily change some parameter (increment then immediately decrement it to its original value), in order to make the editor think you  have changed something, so that it will allow you to save it again.


Instructions for "Writing" (saving) either User Tones or User Phrases begin halfway down the left hand column of Page E-13 of the manual and countinue through the right hand column of that page.  The instructions refer to naming/saving User Tones, but the same procedure applies to naming/saving User Phrases.  The instructions for naming/saving User Phrases on Page E-48 refer you to this section for that process.  The manual refers you to Page E-12, but for the specific "naming" procedure you need the instructions on Page E-13, mentioned above.


Good luck and enjoy your XW-P1 !

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