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      Make Sure You are Using Firmware Version 1.13   02/22/2016

      Important Reminder: Make sure your PX-5S is updated to firmware version 1.13. Click the post title above to be taken to a video that will show you how to check your firmware version, where to get the firmware, and how to install the update if needed. 
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Connect a Roland expression pedal to a zone

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I suspect there has been no reply because you can't really do what you seem to want to do with the PX-5S. Its pedal input doesn't have the required circuitry to work with a Roland (or indeed any) expression pedal (e.g., EV-5). It's only meant for a switch-type pedal. 


But then you also mention _volume_ pedal in the body of your post. If that's what you really meant you can of course connect the PX-5S's audio output through such a pedal but you can't selectively send the output of individual zones through it. Not unless you are prepared to sacrifice stereo capability, which would allow you to use, say, the PX-5S's left audio output for sending through the volume pedal and the right output for bypassing it. 

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Try using a standard sustain pedal for volume control first.  You might be surprised how well it works. You can program a pedal input with on/off rates and min/max levels for either volume or expression. 

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