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Has anyone used their WK 7600 to control external legacy sound modules or keyboards with standard 5pin din midi inputs, via any of those few USB midi host devices? Will they guarantee immediate response without latency? The few models I'm aware of are by Kenton, Seville Soft, and Salvation 76, so if anyone has experience with any of these or others I don't know about, please share your thoughts and recommendations & any knowledge of what can or cannot be transmitted. I don't want to invest in something that has similar lag time through a laptop computer. Thanks in advance for your responses.

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I hope following USB to MIDI cable will help you.


Item: Interface PC to Music Converter Cable USB to MIDI keyboard Wire Line

Place: eBay

URL: http://www.ebay.com/itm/MIDI-to-USB-Interface-Cable-Adapter-for-Keyboard-Electronic-Drum-Music-Create-/252468442079?hash=item3ac84ab3df:g:AfsAAOSwIgNXjzaL


But in some case these low cost cables comes without it's important internal components.

And followng link will help you to solve these kind of issues, if you ordered such cable.



Incorrect wring

usb-midi-disassembled  usb-midi-schematic  


How to Correct It


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