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So, I tested the X500...

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OK I see how to change but not how to Save the rhythm. thanks for your patience!


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On 12-9-2017 at 10:07 PM, BradMZ said:


Did you see how detailed the editing is in drum kits on the MZ?  

Have not had the chance to dig in but if its similar to XW or PX5S I'm getting an idea.

Drums are not bad from any of the keyboards it just take a good eq / dsp

getting them right in the mix a few presets settings of these wouldn't be bad.

Like eq / dsp preset's that sets BD, Snare, hihat right. Its much more easy to 

do on the XW then on the PX5S. I had routed the XW once to the PX5S as to

give it a Total FX at the end. Like I've done here long time ago.




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