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Bruce allen


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If I understand what "on/off" switch means to you, I think the answer is no.


Do you mean a foot button (like a effect box) that is pushed to start the effect and pushed later to stop it?

There isn't a pedal supported by the PX-560 that does that.


There is an optional expression pedal and it can be programmed to turn some things on and off.


Based upon your reply we can continue to think about using the expression pedal for your use case.

But there are a lot of "drum machine" devices available that do just this *if you ONLY want drums* and no other capability of the PX-560 with your guitar.

As a guitar player, I think investing in a Looping pedal (like a Boss RC3 or RC-30) that has drums too would be a better use of your time to deliver better solo performances.

Looping can allow you to build complete backing tracks that you create in front of the audience so they don't get that "karaoke" impression that other technologies imply.

They see and hear *you* performing every part (except for the drums unless you slap the guitar for a bass and snare drum effect).

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