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      Make Sure You are Using Firmware Version 1.13   02/22/2016

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String Swells on pedal 2

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I am trying to code string swells on pedal 2. I have the expression set up, and it is working, but sometimes comes off a bit choppy when i hit the pedal. Also, I want it to swell out when I let go of the pedal. Essentially I want a similar effect to the rotary speaker emulation with the organ sounds, where it doesn't cut right from 0 to 127 and back again. I set the bottom end of the expression to 30 so that it doesn't cut the strings down to 0 before swelling to 127 (because that sounded awful) but the choppiness still comes in if I am hitting the keys really hard already. I have the max volume level of the strings patch set to 100, so if I hit the keys hard and then swell with pedal 2, the volume of the patch drops to 30 before swelling top 127.


I want to essentially start the swelling at the played volume instead of at a specifically assigned number. Also, I want the swells to swell back out when I let go of the pedal.



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Have you tried adjusting the ON OFF rates of the pedal?  You'll also want the pedal set to momentary instead of toggle.  You might also try reducing the velocity sensitivity of the tones by editing the tone amp velocity setting. 

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