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MZ-X' PDF manuals on tablet?

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Greetings, hope you can help a Tablet Novice on this matter.  Printed and bound  both MZ-X500 manuals, but would also be nice to have them on a smaller device. 


(1) Would the cheaper Tablets (approx £50 new on Amazon et al), be suitable for reading Casio manuals in PDF format?  With no mouse or keyboard, how would one navigate the pages?


(2)  Can PDF file opened on the last page read, like with a Kindle mobi file?   


 (3)  Windows 7 user,  cable internet, not wireless.  Assuming most tablets have a memory card for transferring the PDF file from my desktop to the tablet.   


  Thanks for any tips

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I have all my manuals as pdf files on android tablets, Windows laptops and Motion (Windows) tablets. Very readable and pages can be selected right on the touchscreens as well as scanning through pages with finger gestures in Android and pen swipes or cursor buttons on Motion tablets. I've tried many pdf readers and writers for both Android and Windows platforms. Adobe Acrobat still seems to be easier to work with on Android tablets although there are many usable alternative apps including the ebook readers some of which read pdf and some of which don't.  Currently I am using Foxit Reader with Windows 7 since Adobe Acrobat IMO for windows has become rather "bloated" although it is still considered the standard for reading pdf files on a Windows machine. There are also a few usable alternatives for Windows machines aside from Adobe and Foxit reader. For example, the Firefox browser allows for reading pdf files directly without needing any additional software for Windows. I don't think the Android version of Firefox has the same capability but I don't use it so I'm not sure.  One more detail-I will read pdfs with small tablets and even a larger screen smartphone (I use 6 inch screens) but for android I find it easier to read with a 10 inch screen-I use a Dragontech 10" which is probably the best inexpensive tablet I've ever owned (check *bay). But my Motion 12" screens will show more of a complete page without having to scroll around. Hope this helps!

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