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CTK574 Tone Switch

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I'm kind of a newbie to Midi and would like to change the tone on my CTK574 via a midi controller. e.g. switch to Clavinet.   Is a tone change even doable?  I've been told by Casio tech support that the CTK-574 supports general Midi. 


The general midi specs appear to indicate that switching tones is accomplished via a midi program change (PC) event, which consists of three values -


MSB - Most significant byte - ??

LSB - Least significant byte = ??

Program Value - A value of 1-128. e.g., Clavinet is 8 I believe (The casio numbers on the display seem to conform to this)


I have my midi controller out going to the midi controller in on my keyboard. The keyboard and midi controller are set to communicate on the casio default channel 1.


Has anyone done what I'm trying to do?  Can anyone tell me what the MSB and LSB values should be?  I've randomly tried various values with no luck.



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The information you seek is normally found in the back of the manual or in a separate fold-out "appendix" sheet, that came with the manual, but none of this information is available any longer for the CTK-574.  It is no longer available in the Casio archives.  So far, I have been unable to determine if the CTK-574 is a GM1 or GM2 Tone Bank keyboard.  If it is GM1, then Bank Select Codes (MSB/LSB) are not necessary, as there is only one bank, and Program Change codes for instrument selection can be found here:




I suspect, by its age, that it is GM1, but a couple of eBay ads I found for it state that it has 9 drum kits, which would indicate that it is a GM2 instrument.  In that case, Bank and Tone selection would be according to the GM2 spec:




If you are not getting a response from the CTK-574 when you press keys on the MIDI controller, then you most likely have a set up problem (probably the CTK-574's MIDI set up), or a hardware problem - bad cable or bad MIDI-IN port on the CTK-574.  The controller MIDI-OUT to CTK-574 MIDI-IN connections, you mention above, are correct.  If your controller came with a set of setup or mapping templates, you should select the "GM" or "GM2" template, if they are available.


For the purists in the group, I realize that there are actually only "GM" and "GM2" specs, but have used the term "GM1" in place of "GM" to emphasize the differences for someone who is relatively new to this technology.


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