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?? want 2 use wk-3500 tone on ctk 6200

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Hey all guys I'm new 2 da site

I got a Casio ctk-6200 

I need some tones from wk300\3200\3300\3500\3800 

My question is can I export da tones 2 SD card and load 2 my ctk

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No ! ! !  The sound engines on the new CTK/WK-6XXX/7XXX models have been completely redesigned and are totally different from the sound engines on the older WK-3XXX models.  While you can import rhythm files from the old models to the new models, tones from the old models are completely incompatible with the new sound engines.


When you do move a tone from one unit to a compatible equivalent unit, all you are actually porting between the two are the wave shaping parameters.  The wave samples themselves remain in sample ROM on the source machine, but this is no problem, as the target machine will have its own identical wave sample.  If you move those wave shaping parameters to an incompatible machine, the required wave sample would not be there, and the Casio CTK/WK models have no way of exporting their wave samples.


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