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My first set of MZ-X500 Tones

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Hello all!

I've just published on my blog a set of tones I made for my own pleasure, this keyboard is so fun to play! :)


The tones uses the internal samples so no precious memory is wasted.

You can download and audition the tones one by one; individual downloads as well as a single package are provided.


Let me know what do you think.


Here is the link


P.S.: later I will upload a copy on the download section and a one on the official facebook page

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Wow, fantastic layout- having sound examples as well as the new Tones made from existing samples!  


But I’m not hearing any sound when i push the play button for each of the new Tones.  It changes from the play icon to the pause icon, as it should, but i don’t hear anything and the ticker that shows elapsed time does not change.


I’m using an iPad mini 2.


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