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Slider Levels and Customization

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1) Regarding sliders and levels, do the sliders utilize "catch" (slider has to pass through preset value to become active) or "jump" (slider value immediately jumps to slider position when it is moved)?  It would be nice if this were a setting option for each Tone that uses sliders.


2) I believe Hex Layers specifically engage the sliders to control each part of the Hex Layer Tone?  Do the part names of each part appear so that one can EASILY identify which part is being controlled by the slider?


3). Can any of the sliders be set up to always control Upper 1, Upper 2, Lower 1, Lower 2?  Going into the "Balance" sub-menu and adjusting is cumbersome and difficult to do live.  (Maybe using registration)?

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Hi @Tson

1) the sliders utilize "jump" method, it could be really usefull if a "catch" method will be implemented!


2) 3) are great succestions for a future update!

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Tson, I see we think alike, i just detailed in my wish list for Casio to take advantage of those sliders!  And to make it obvious what tones are playing in a hex tone so you know what what the heck you’re adjusting, and the ability to easily re-arrange the Tones in a hex tone in a fashion that makes sense to you.  


I personally would try for a consistent arrangement so i absolutely knew, even without the screen telling me, that the number 1 slider corresponds to the most basic building block of a sound, all the way to 5 and six being accents or add-ones.  Of course that doesn’t work with all of them, some of them are zoned, some are velocity mapped, so i’d Probably have 3 or more different templates, designated with a number or letter in the name of the hex tone, that would let me know the basic layout of the hex tone.  Otherwise you’re just guessing.  


Of course, if they were able to show all 6 hex tones and their names and volumes on one screen, that’d be killer.



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