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Blade Runner (Main Titles) | Casio PX5S

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Recorded this a couple of years back when I first got the PX-5S.

One of the reasons I got the PX-5S in fact was hearing Mike play it and learning that his setting came on board. 

It was the first stage setting I ripped apart to see how he made it and I made my own based around it. 

Wasn't going to upload it on youtube because I didn't want my channel taken down but there is actually a list of songs you can upload and they'll just put ads on it.  

I only found the list last week looking through the settings on the channel. This is on the list. 

I figured as Blade Runner 2049 is out, I'll stick it up. 

Haven't seen it yet but I will. No spoilers please :2thu:



Movie Maker and youtube probably deteriorated the audio a bit. Not really sure. 

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