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Blade Runner (Main Titles) | Casio PX5S

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Recorded this a couple of years back when I first got the PX-5S.

One of the reasons I got the PX-5S in fact was hearing Mike play it and learning that his setting came on board. 

It was the first stage setting I ripped apart to see how he made it and I made my own based around it. 

Wasn't going to upload it on youtube because I didn't want my channel taken down but there is actually a list of songs you can upload and they'll just put ads on it.  

I only found the list last week looking through the settings on the channel. This is on the list. 

I figured as Blade Runner 2049 is out, I'll stick it up. 

Haven't seen it yet but I will. No spoilers please :2thu:



Movie Maker and youtube probably deteriorated the audio a bit. Not really sure. 

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Very nice work!

Fanboy music and interpretations thereof, are ALWAYS my favorite kind to listen to.

Maybe YOU should have scored BR 2049!

Oh one little note.

Mike Martin did the BLADE RUNNER titles on a XW-P1 ONLY, at least to MY knowledge.

If I'm wrong or mis-informed, please let me know!



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