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Hey "Keys" !


I started to reply to your post just after you made it, but then thought better of it, and decided to let it ride for a while to see what you got, but since it has been here for two weeks without a response, I thought I would drop back in on you for a chat.


I think you will find that most users of the CTK/WK-6XXX/7XXX models use them as stand-alone units, primarily because their designs make their use as MIDI control surface boards very limited.  Add to this the fact that the indepth MIDI sequencers on all of the models and the onboard audio recorders of the 7000 series units greatly lessen their dependence upon external DAW's for MIDI and/or audio recording.  While your current post is more than welcome here, you may want to try reposting it over on the PX-5S sub-forum, as I think you will find more interest in DAW/VST use over there, but my main reason for responding is so that you did not go away from here (this sub-forum) with no response at all.  There is already a wealth of information here, plus untold amounts that may be available here in the future, to say nothing of the possible social interaction - but sorry to say - just not on your current topic.  Looking forward to "seeing" you here in the coming weeks/months/years.


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