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      Make Sure You are Using Firmware Version 1.13   02/22/2016

      Important Reminder: Make sure your PX-5S is updated to firmware version 1.13. Click the post title above to be taken to a video that will show you how to check your firmware version, where to get the firmware, and how to install the update if needed. 

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Fernando, ignoring for the moment that this question should have been posted to the PX-5S forum where you would get a lot more help, I note that I can only find one parameter in the PX-5S explicitly called "speed," and that parameter switches the speed mode of the Rotary and Drive Rotary DSP effects between slow and fast. Is that the one you mean? If not, what page number of the manual mentions it?


Does anyone remember a scene in one of the Pink Panther movies where Inspector Clouseau asks a person he meets on the sidewalk if he knows the time? The person replies"yes" and walks on. This somehow reminds me of that scene. In other words, Fernando, please provide a lot more than one piece of information in each reply. Otherwise it's not going to work.

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Hi, Alen!


Haha. Sorry for the short replies!


I setup an organ stage and would like to switch the speed (Rotary/Drive Rotary) with the Pedal 2. You must know what effect I expect from that, right?


The problem is that I need to press the pedal several times before it makes any change (maybe because of some zone setup!? Not sure).


I hope it's clearer now.



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Sure, you want the foot-operated equivalent of a slow/fast console button on a Hammond (or on an XW-P1!). I don't have a PX-5S but I just tried the same thing on my PX-560 with my damper pedal plugged into the assignable jack instead of the damper-pedal jack. It functioned the way I expected; slow rotary speed when pedal not pressed, fast rotary speed when pressed. 


Since I don't have a 5S I don't know what its display shows when you try to select the rotary or rotary drive effect's speed parameter as a pedal target. Does it actually show "Speed" (the 560 does) or do you have to select "DSP Parameter 1" (rotary) or "DSP Parameter 3" (rotary drive)? 


(Note: On the 560 the damper pedal input is NOT assignable like it is on the 5S, which IMNSHO is a dumb design decision and probably correctable in software if Casio cared enough about the 560 to bother, which I do not think they do. OTOH, as everyone knows unlike the 5S the 560 supports an expression pedal; so two steps forward, one step back.)

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Also this from a @BradMZ post:

" (Leslie) Rotary is one of the many DSP effects that can be applied to any of the tones. You can add it to a tone by editing the tone. You'll also want control of rotary, so you will also be editing or creating a new stage setting because controller setup is done in stage settings.  Before doing anything you'll need to select the stage setting you wish to use and then use the zone buttons to select the zone you want your organ to be in and then select the desired organ tone from the tone buttons.  Now you can edit the tone.


To edit a tone and add any DSP to a tone press...
.....Edit, Down, Enter, >, Enter, Enter
.....Choose your effect by scrolling through the list using knob 2 or the yes no buttons (look for rotary or drive rotary in your case) and exit out to the main screen.


Now you'll want to control the brake of rotary speaker. A pedal can be assigned to act as a brake controller.  This is done under stage setting > common edit.  


This sequence of buttons gets you to pedal 1 or 2 in stage setting common editing.
.....Edit, Enter, >, Enter, >, >, >, Down until you see pedal 1 or 2 (choose the one you want) then press Enter and then enter once more for pedal 1 target screen.
       Use Knob 2 or the yes no buttons to scroll through the list of targets and choose BRAKE or SPEED depending on what you want to control. 

.....Now press exit to return to pedal 1 screen and go down to Mode and select Toggle or Momentary depending on how you want your brake to work. 


Now you will need to enable the pedal for the zone that all of this is on.  This is done under stage setting editing.  Press edit and go to stage setting edit.  Enter Zone edit and go down to controller and enter.  Choose your pedal from the list and turn it on.  Use the Zone buttons to switch to the other zones while you are there and turn the pedal off for those other zones.  


You've just created a new stage setting that isn't saved yet.  Be sure to save your new stage setting before changing to a new one or all will be lost.   Now your tone with rotary is saved inside of the stage setting. If you want your tone to exist outside of this stage setting then you will need to also save the tone individually. "

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