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CTK-900 Transferring midi Rhythms

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Hello everyone,


I'm a little stuck on how to transfer midi files to my keyboard. It doesn't have a usb port, but I have the midi ports. I'm confused as to how I can transfer Rhythm files to my keyboard from my computer. I have the files that I need, but I'm not sure how to copy the files over to my keyboard. 


Many thanks

Sarah B 

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Yes!  Your CTK-900 is one of the older Casio keyboards that uses what is called 5-Pin-DIN MIDI, as opposed to the newer USB MIDI, so to connect it to your computer, you will need a USB-MIDI Adapter cable:




You can purchase these from various sources.  Amazon offers a wide selection for anywhere from a few dollars to upwards of $50, but the lower priced models are extremely unreliable.  I normally recommend the name barnds such as Yamaha, M-Audio, Roland-Edirol, etc. which run in the $40 to $50 range.  If you go with the lower priced models, I strongly recommend staying in the $15 to $20 and up range.  Many (most ?) of these devices are now "Class Compliant".  That is, they will work with the default "driver" software that has been built-in to the last several versions of Windows and MAC-OS, and do not require you to manually download and install "driver" software.  For those that do require special "driver" software, they will either come with that software on a CD-Rom, or will provide a URL from which you can download the software and installation instructions.


Once you have the USB-MIDI Adapter cable operating, you will need to download and install Casio's IDES (Internet Data Expansion System) file transfer software to exchange data with the CTK-900.  There are currently four versions of IDES software available for download, but higher version numbers are NOT upgrades or updates to earlier versions.  Rather, each version is strictly model specific.  In your case, the CTK-900 requires IDES 3, which can be downloaded from:




Now, all of this said, be advised, before you invest in a USB-MIDI Adapter cable: if you are running a MAC or an older Windows computer with Windows - XP(SP2), Vista, or Win-7, you are pretty much assured of success, but if you are running a newer computer with Windows 8 or 10, you may have some problems - somewhat with Windows 8 - more so with Windows 10.  There are just some combinations of computer hardware models and Windows 8 or 10 that have problems with USB-MIDI.  For this reason, I strongly recommend purchasing any USB-MIDI cable from a retailer that has a liberal return/refund policy, particularly for the higher priced adapters.  Also, if you have a newer computer with USB-2 and USB-3 ports, the Adapter cable should be connected to a USB-2 port, as USB-3 can attempt to run too fast for USB-MIDI, and cause problems.


If you decide to proceed with this, we will be here to assist you, as needed, along the way.


Good luck !



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