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Xwp1 don´t retransmit signals from pc to other midi instrument ( Thru )

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Hello guys... i have a little problem...

Sequencing the Xwp1 from a computer, I get the midis signals normally, on the channels that I determine, for example, I want from channel 1 to 10, be all keyboard sounds, but channel 11 to 16, are sounds from an external sampler ... but the OUT / THRU of Xwp1, is not transmitting channels 11 to 16 ... ie OUT / THRU is not repeating what goes through the IN channel of the keyboard and does not transmit to the sampler ... But, if I connect the computer to the sampler, and from the Thru of the sampler to the Xwp1, everything works out. But, if I save the mid file. on the card and run in the Xwp1 directly, the OUT / THRU output of the keyboard, it retransmits directly to the sampler ... ie, the keyboard somehow while programming on the computer, can not repeat the signals to the sampler ... why?


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