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      Make Sure You are Using Firmware Version 1.13   02/22/2016

      Important Reminder: Make sure your PX-5S is updated to firmware version 1.13. Click the post title above to be taken to a video that will show you how to check your firmware version, where to get the firmware, and how to install the update if needed. 

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Hey, folks.  I'm preparing to buy a PX-5S.  primarily to have a great-sounding piano that I can tuck under one arm.


One thing that is still unclear to me is how (if) it works as a MIDI sound module.  Can it sound on multiple channels that are not in the current Stage setup?  Are any effects available for incoming MIDI data?  I have a nice 4-channel 61 note controller keyboard (with aftertouch and a volume pedal) that might be fun to plug into the PX, if there's anything to be gained by doing so.


-Tom Williams

(so new that I don't have a signature block defined yet)

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Unlike Brad I don't have a PX-5S but going by the User's Guide (Tutorial) it would appear that there are a total of four insert (DSP) effects, one dedicated to each of Parts 1 to 4. They cannot be shared among those parts (e.g., to use two of them in series on a single part) or used by other parts. See page E-7 in the PX-5S User's Guide (Tutorial). Pages E-19 to E-22 describe the editable DSP effect parameters.  


- AlenK (so old I don't need no stinkin' signature block :D)

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In addition, standard midi CC effect controls like reverb, chorus, modulation, pitch bend, can be sent to any of the 16 channels.


There is a layer of complexity, however when it comes to stage settings.  The stage settings are identified on their own bank.  Their effects can be accessed directly as long as you know what the specific mappings are for the zones within that stage setting and bank.


Also, the layers within a hex layer can be controlled independently from an external source to a degree.  It depends on how the external midi controller is allowed to be configured.


The short answer is, everything pretty much can be controlled externally.  The how part, depending on how deep you want to go, can get complicated.

For example.  Out of the box using four zones, 2 of which can be hex layers, you can stack 14 sounds as one "patch".  Now, since the PX-5s can receive on 16 channels, you could increase that stack to 12 more simultaneous sounds. Obviously, if you have a sequencer you can just send independent parts to each channel, but if you have a piece of software or hardware that remaps midi events in between the master and the px-5s, you could send key information on channel 1 and have it split to 16 channels that the PX-5s receives and plays. 

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