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ctk4400 Single key chord mode..Organ Tone Piano Chord??

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I have a CTK4400 and I am experiencing a strange thing (at least to me) and whenever I choose a tone., i.e., Pipe Organ, Trumpet, Violin etc and the Single key chord mode, what comes out is not the corresponding chord sound as if I would do it manually with the Pipe Organ, Trumpet, Violin etc but sounds like a weak piano.   Is this normal or is my unit defective as it has done this since day 1?   If it is normal does Casio Make a Keyboard where I can use the single key chord and have a chord come forth that is what I would expect from any of the corresponding tones I am in ??



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From what you describe, I take it that you are turning on the SPLIT feature and assigning a tone to the LOWER (left) zone of the keyboard.  You can do this, of course, but when you activate any one of the CHORD modes (FINGERED 1, FINGERED 2, FINGERED 3, CASIO CHORD, FULL RANGE CHORD) it sets up the keyboard to use Auto Accompaniment and over-rides the SPLIT feature.  In that case, when you press the keys below the SPLIT POINT without the ryhthm pattern running, you get a sort of cheesy sounding drone chord that is actually a mixture of the tones assigned to the various parts of the currently selected rhythm.  If you want to use the SPLIT feature and assign the tone of your choice to the lower zone, you will have to make your own chords manually.  If you want to use CASIO CHORD mode, just select that mode without splitting the keyboard (the CHORD mode does that for you) and do not press the START/STOP or the SYNC START buttons.  You may be able to find a plausible sounding chord by selecting different rhythms.  For instance, if you select a symphonic rhythm, you may get a useable string ensemble chord, or useable organ chords with an organ rhythm, but you will have to spend some time experimenting.  If the CTK-4400 is like my WK-3800, if you have SPLIT activated and go into one of the CHORD modes, you will not see that in the display.  That is, the SPLIT indicator in the display will not go off when you go into one of the CHORD modes.  I suppose it remains lit to inform you that you will still be in SPLIT mode, when you come out of CHORD mode.


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