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      Make Sure You are Using Firmware Version 1.13   02/22/2016

      Important Reminder: Make sure your PX-5S is updated to firmware version 1.13. Click the post title above to be taken to a video that will show you how to check your firmware version, where to get the firmware, and how to install the update if needed. 

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With the blessing of my Beloved Spouse, I bought a PX-5S just before the 1027 discount period ended.  Just scratched the surface, and I'm still loving this board.  Good golly, even the sostenuto pedal works perfectly.  I feel like I could reach in and play Emerson's "Take a Pebble."


Issue o' the day, then:  I've been looking for a MIDI controller to act as a volume or expression pedal on the PX-5S.  I once had a Behringer FCB1010, and loved it, but it takes up a lot of floor space, and I don't really need all the buttons -- just the CC pedal(s). 


Has anyone reading this tried the Source Audio sa163?  It looks like the volume pedal equivalent of a "universal solvent."


I came across that digging around on the web, and although a bit pricey, it looks like it may be able to do the job.  But since I'd never heard / read about it before, I figured I'd ask around.  Besides, I still need to reload the piggy bank before I buy one anyway.

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Great question! I'm also interested in hearing anyone's experience with this pedal. I just came across it this week as I was researching for ways to do midi expression with the least amount of complexity. 

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