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Growl Saxophone Tones

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Growl Saxophone Tones

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Here are some "growl" saxophone tones.  A growl-saxophone tone is the kind of tone you get out of a saxophone when you hum while blowing into the reed. The characteristic growl sound have been used often in rock, pop and jazz music; so much so, that it has become almost a cliche. Most ROMplers include such a tone based on samples of a real saxophone played that way. The XW-P1 doesn't, so such a tone must be synthesized instead. Fortunately, the DSP effects make it relatively easy to get reasonably close.

The attached zip archive contains three solo synth tones and a PCM melody tone.  One of the solo synth tones is simply the ordinary tenor sax sound for comparison. Another, "TenorSaxGrwl," uses the solo-synth's ring-modulation DSP effect while the third solo-synth tone, "TenorSaxGwl2," uses the Autopan effect to create a very fast tremolo (an actual tremolo DSP effect is not available to the solo synth). The PCM melody tone uses the tremolo DSP effect. 

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