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connecting my CTK 2500 with my computer

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I have been trying for one week to connect my computer with my CTK 2500 to use the piano lesson Playground Session but It has not been working !


I dont know if i have the wrong cable or my computer is missing something ? 


To start, what cable should be the one working ?


thank you 



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The Playground Sessions software requires the keyboard to have a USB connection for connecting it to a MAC or PC computer USB port with a standard USB "printer type" cable.  Your CTK-2500 does not have a USB connection.  It has only audio connections, so it will be limited, in this respect, to the Chordana Play apps, which are designed for use with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.  Connection is via a simple audio cable, with 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) stereo male plugs on each end, and connects from the headphones jack on the smart device to the AUDIO IN jack on the CTK-2500.  See Pages 19 thru 21 of the CTK-2500 manual for set up.  Be sure to read all "Notes" and "Important" items.  You can obtain any of several Chordana Play apps from http://web.casio.com/app/ .  Playground Sessions is not a Casio product, while Chordana Play is a Casio product.  See the following link for a list of Android smart devices that are known to be Chordana Play compatible.  This list was made some time ago, so I suspect that it has grown some, by now:




If you were set on using Playground Sessions, and your CTK-2500 was purchased recently enough, that it can still be returned, you may want to consider moving up to the CTK-3500, which does have a USB port, and comes bundled with Playground Sessions and several other accessories from several different music equipment outlets (Amazon, etc).  Most certainly, if your CTK-2500 was sold as being Playground Sessions compatible, which it definitely is not, it should qualify as a "no charge" return for misstated capabilities.  Actually, the CTK-3500 is compatible with BOTH Playground Sessions and Chordana Play.




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