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6 hours ago, Lee33 said:

Over the next 12 months there is going to be some great deals on the WK/CTK series as Casio look to offload the stock. Already the CTK 7200 is an excellent proposition only just more expensive that the X700. It's older tech but they have some useful features that the X700 do not have. 


I doubt people listening  to the XT series  higher sound quality would still  want  to buy  any CTK/WK.

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UK Casio purchasers pay a fair bit more for their Casio gear when compared to US pricing.  On the other hand, they seem to enjoy access before US customers.


To shop directly from US websites (at US prices) check https://www.myus.com/

Not endorsing them... just suggesting you check it out.  Basically you buy the product from any US based equipment vendors website (musicians friend, sweetwater, etc) using either a credit card or paypal and have it shipped (typically for free) to the myus physical address in Florida.  They then ship it to whatever address you specify.  You pay for those shipping costs.  Myus also charges a membership fee.  In my case, I found it cheaper just to buy local, but UK prices are high enough that myus might make sense.  They have a shipping calculator on the site.


Again, not endorsing them.  Never used them.  It's just an option I came across.  There are probably others.





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