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Line up sounds

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I am playing the keyboard for a high school Broadway show. I have the Casio 6600 and have downloaded the Casio program for my computer. Is there a way I can line up at least 100 sounds on the computer? 

Thank you!!

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I am not certain what you mean by "line up sounds on the computer".  If by "the Casio program", you are referring to the Casio Data Manager 6.1 software, that software is strictly for the transfer of User Data between the keyboard's internal User Memory and the computer's storage media, but data transferred to the computer is only for back-up storage.  It can not be "played" or "used" on the computer.


If you are talking about using the WK-6600 as a MIDI controller keyboard for playing virtual instruments (VSTi's) on the computer, then the Casio Data Manager 6.1 has nothing to do with that.  It is strictly a data transfer/storage program.  In that case, you need only to connect the keyboard to the computer with a standard USB cable and install an appropriate VSTi program of your choice or a DAW program of your choice, that accepts VSTi plug-ins, on the computer.  The WK-6600 is "Class Compliant", so it will work with the generic driver that is built-in to Windows and MAC OS.  Installation of an after market driver should not be necessary for the basic connection, but a VSTi program may require drivers of its own.  The table on Page E-38 of the WK-6600 manual shows the MIDI Channel assignments for the various keyboard "zones" for real time transmission of MIDI note signals from the keyboard to the computer, in particular the UPPER-1 (main), UPPER-2 (layer), LOWER (left/split) parts on Channels 1, 2, and 3 respectively.


I am afraid that discussion of the VSTi or DAW software would be pretty much beyond the scope of this forum, as we may have few, if any, members with expertise in the particular software that you choose.  Those discussions are best conducted on the generic or manufacturer specific forums for the software you choose.


If you are, in fact, headed down the path of using the WK-6600 as a MIDI controller keyboard, I would strongly recommend downloading and installing a MIDI connectivity diagnostic program called MIDI-OX (from midiox.com) for Windows or an equivalent diagnostic program for MAC-OS.  It can save many, many hours isolating problems to the keyboard, the computer hardware, or the computer software.


Good luck with your endeavors !



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