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XW-P1 and Apple Logic 9

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Can anyone shed some light on how to use the XW-P1 with Logic. I tried connecting to my Mac via USB and Garageband recognized the keyboard only as a MIDI controller but logic didn't recognize it at all.

My goal is to be able to use built in sounds of the Casio and record my own sessions into Logic for future use with my compositions. Using as MIDI only prevents me doing this since it only allows me to use preset sounds from GB.

Any suggestions would be great.

Thanks. :)

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Hi Geminii23, I use Logic Pro 9 and Logic recognized the XW p1. I would suggest updating the firmware using the Casio Support site. I would also suggest getting the data editor up and running. The data editor was an easier way to help understand the Midi Capability of the XW-p1. The Data editor was an easier way to see how the mixer and midi windows worked on the XW-P1. The default setting is for some of the MIDI channels to be turned off. I don't have an option to upload a file so if you want message me an email account and I will send a Logic Project with mapped Casio XW USB MIDI.

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