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Patrick Arend

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Hi,my name is pat, im new to forums, and by new i mean this is the first forum ive ever joined. Im an old school guy and i dont even have a facebook account. Im just an old duffer.I can read fine but im not very good at typing or spelling so please forgive my lousy grammer. I really love my new xw-p1, Ive been playing keyboards since 1984 and i have to say  the xw-p1 is kind of different from what im used to but im figuring it out. ive owned moog , yamaha, korg, roland, kawai, and casio boards.theres really alot in the xw-p1 and again i really love this board, They should have named this board the enigma   (jokingly) because it is the best and worst keyboard ive ever owned,by that i mean ive got some of the best sounds out of it and some of the worst, its a chamealon. The pattern sequencer blows my yamaha motifs pattern sequencer  out of the water,and the xw-p1 is the coolest looking board ive ever seen ,those blue l.e.d.s are cool. Its been about 12 years since ive been jazzed about a keyboard, not since the original yamaha motif.The xw-p1 really speaks to me ,ive heard the xw-p1 was marketed towards young people, and thats cool , young people deserve pro boards to.but i think it was made for us old farts to , that is to say that most young people probably dont know what old school midi ports are for, i could be wrong on that thought, but for me those midi ports helped seal the deal.I would like to thank mike martin for making the almost useless manual obsolete, those u tube videos are great. I suspect theres some hidden features on the xw-p1 as i have discovered a few things that were not in the manual or the videos. In the future i will keep anything i post about this fantastic keyboard as brief as possible.   thank you . sincerly, Pat  arend.                                                       

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