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notes being chopped

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Yes, i agree. I would deffinitelly pay for another manual, just to get rid of the pain i am feeling with this one. 


Suggestion for Martin and the team : Make a DVD with lessons for XW series, put them for some resonable price. Problem solved.


I think that this manual will stop people for buying the next generation XW series (XWg2,XWp2, hopefully). Because if i dont understand my synth, i won't buy.



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Thank you guys for your support on this one! I just absolutely don't get it, why is it such a problem for a big company like Casio to invest let's say $50K in creating a clearly written manual?! Don't they have a product research / market research department? Of course they do!


Now, go to Musician's Friend website -- there is only one user review which also mentions that "the manual is very VERY VERY confusing!" -- not exactly a selling point. Right? And if I would write a review, I would write the same.

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Agreed.  It would cost peanuts to create a supplemental user guide and publish it on the web as a PDF.  We're all used to printing out our own manuals from PDF files these days so there wouldn't even be a need to kill any extra trees printing up a version to ship with the unit.


Actually the way Casio cheaped out using a smaller paper format with the original manual I found the small print impossible to read to begin with and ended up reprinting it on my Laser on full sized 8-1/2x11 paper just to get a readable copy.


They may as well have saved themselves a fortune and not shipped with a printed manual to begin with for all the good it does anyone without embryonic eyeballs. :P

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I have the same problem as the Thread Starter.

Everytime when i record notes in realtime the notes will be cutted.

I record a 4th note and the sequencer only plays a 16th or 8th note.

It seems that the sequencer forgets the "tie" notes.

I dont found an option to change that.

Can anyone help me?

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