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Internal battery for PX 3

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Does the PX3 have an internal battery that needs to be replaced?  I have had my board for almost three years....today when I fired it up I got a "please wait" message that lasted for a couple of minutes.  I turned the unit off, then back on, and the mainscreen came up.  Everything seemed to be working but all my registration pre-sets on banks 1 thru 8 were gone.  Any ideas on what is wrong?

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I just skimmed thru the manual and I see no mention of any internal battery.


This probably means that the system uses flash memory to record registrations.


It also mentions in the troubleshooting section that if your registrations disappear it may be corrupted registration memory.


Given these hypotheses, it may mean one of two things.


1) A power glitch or spike may have corrupted your saved settings and subsequently wiped them out.




2) A design weakness of flash memories, especially older chips, is that they have a finite number of times that they can be rewritten before the registers themselves permanently "blow out" and stop working entirely.


IF the problem is number 1 then the solution would be to reset the machine to factory specs and restore the registration settings from a backup if you made one.


If the problem is number 2, then you may be out of luck short of sending the board back to Casio for servicing.


Basically, if you reset the machine back to factory specs and it still won't save the registrations any longer, then your problem is problem number 2.


At least that's my best guess unless one of the Casio reps here steps up with some different information.




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HappyRat....thanks for the info.  I did not think that the PX3 had a battery.  I did a gig yesterday at a funky bar and that is where the breakdown happened.  I am thinking that the venue may have had "bad power"....the AC wiring looked homemade. I know this bad power has been a topic on some of the other keyboard forums.  I'll do the factory re-set and see what happens. Again, thanks for the info. 

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