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      Make Sure You are Using Firmware Version 1.13   02/22/2016

      Important Reminder: Make sure your PX-5S is updated to firmware version 1.13. Click the post title above to be taken to a video that will show you how to check your firmware version, where to get the firmware, and how to install the update if needed. 
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First tone of category - Privia PX-5S

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Is there a way to change the first tone that comes up when you select a category?  For instance, if you want Electric Piano tone 13 to be the first to appear when you press the Electric Piano button, what is the procedure?  I thought I read a reference to in one of the manuals, but can't find it. 

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Welcome, Doug! I made a list of all the preset Stage Settings. I printed it out and crossed off the ones I don't want to keep - that was able to free up a dozen or slots to save new ones to. You can always re-download any you overwrite.

Here's the link to the list: 



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