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XW-P1 A Marketing Failure - NOT

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Call to Mike: Can your sound-design wizards please work on coming up with some really nice lead guitar patches for the XW? Solo synth is fine, even though it's only monophonic (after all, lead guitar stuff is monophonic most of the time).

Although it's lousy form I wanted to reference my own post from earlier in this thread asking Mike to oversee the creation (or create himself - we know he's very good at that) some useable lead-guitar patches. After re-listening to a few Synergy albums, the first of which I provided a link to in yet another post in this thread, I am absolutely certain that the XW's solo synth is more than capable of producing some very convincing emulations without resorting to the "cheat" of PCM samples. Larry Fast managed to do so using only a Minimoog together with an Oberheim expander module. Another example is Jan Hammer, who was famous for creating (and masterfully playing!) great lead guitar sounds that for the most part came from Moog equipment (including a Memory Moog) not a DX7 as many people likely assume (he also used the latter but not for those particular sounds).  

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Agree about the capabilities of the Solo Synth. I have other VA synths, all are different and have their strengths, but the XW really does bring something special.

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