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Scott Hamlin

The XW-J1

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Just a quick post to get this forum started  :) 

From Casio:
"The XW-J1 is an all-in-one VJ / DJ controller for mixing music and videos using the djay app for iTunes and the vjay video mixing app from Algoriddim GmbH. Take advantage of state-of-the-art features to mix and DJ music or create video mashups using songs and videos from your device libraries. Record your mixes and save them to your iTunes library and remix videos and create soundtracks using songs from your library."

Official Page:




Coming soon to Casio Music Forums:
Royalty-free tracks and videos that members can download to use with the XW-J1.


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Okay, this device's name as part of the XW family of products begs the question: What does "XW" stand for? I would guess "X" stands for "eXtreme" but what could "W" be?  Seriously. There must be some actual meaning to these letters that ties some keyboards with a DJ controller.

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Pure speculation, but my vote is for "experimental workstation" -(I believe someone else suggested that a while back in another thread). My reasoning is that both these words are used in the product literature:


So maybe:
XW-P1: Experimental Workstation-Performance 1
XW-G1: Experimental Workstation-Groove 1

If the new DJ/VJ controller and headphones are seen as extensions to complement the synths:

XW-J1: Experimental Workstation-Jockey 1
XW-H1/H2/H3: Experimental Workstation-Headphones 1/2/3

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Experimental workstation that sound strange together but it seems so right not so in its true sense not in a way that says Casio just doing something more in a way the keyboardist behind the key figure out his/her personal touch to fill in the gaps with these synth in a way that even broadens the sound spectrum even more with their music in creation ... (Now I have to take a deep breath typing all that :)  ) 

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