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Scott Hamlin

vJay App for iPad / iPhone

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The XW-P1 is optimized to use the vJay app from Algoriddim. You can mix music and videos from your iTunes library. Some tracks come with the app, and there will also be a download section here on CMF for additional music and video content. If you are a a house or EDM producer and want to contribute to the track library keep an eye on this J1 forum!  The really cool thing about the vJay app is the ability to make instant videos to go with your mixes.... You can then save and share those music videos.

This is a really cool and different way to make music and videos so I am excited to get into this.. both as a content producer and an "remixer"

Here's a brief demo of the vJay app:

vJay app for iPad:

vJay app for iPhone:


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