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Pattern doesn't cue correctly

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Soooo, more questions! To begin, pattern change is set to to "wait" and the tracks I'm using all have matched up time signatures. I have a pattern 2 going and press pattern 3. Pattern 2 doesn't "wait" cuts out midway and goes to pattern 3 as if it were in "real" time without finishing. What am I doing incorrectly?

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The Wait , Real  and Beat is set in performance mode if you selected the preferred change

Be sure to store the performance patch again that way it can store this new change without

restoring the previous one if you press Sseq or Tone while working on it.


Wait jumps after the last step into the new pattern while

Real jumps right away to the beginning of the next pattern 

Beats jumps each fourth or eight step to another pattern depending on signature.


That how I observed how it works.

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