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Thanks so much for this one Martin, absolutely amazing stage settings in there.

Really gives me some ideas of what is possible with the board once I figure it all out.

I think I need to learn the basic synth knowledge somewhere but I am learning a little exploring the details of your tones.

Hopefully I'll be able to make similar settings one day.

GalaXy-5s, magix, and RachelBalld are my favourite at the moment.

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I am really interested in getting to know these stage settings, but since there are a lot of them I'm a little unsure of where to begin.


Unfortunately, since there is no real demo to preview these, I have to find stage settings I'm willing to delete to try any of these out. 


Does anyone have any recommendations of good settings to start with?  What are your favorites?


Thanks so much!

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Try Rachel's ballad if your a Bladerunner fan, sample here: 



Also try galaXy and Magix, nice use of the hex layers and arps in those for a big sound scape. I also like the 80's synth one.


The best way I found to try stuff is connect the board to the data editor on your pc.


Then set up a folder called defaultSettings.

choose that folder as your data folder in the preferences.

Then transfer all the default settings from the board into the folder.

Now you have all the settings saved so you don't have to worry saving over one (they're available in the download section anyway).


There is a spreadsheet in the download section too that lists the default stage setting number default locations.

So if you save over one, you can alwasy look at the spreadsheet and figure out which one to load back in.

I save that spreadsheet in the defaultSettings folder too.


I then have different folders for my own stage settings, one for the stage setttings users have uploaded here and one for official casio stage setting downloads.

Each time I want to try one out, I go into preferences and chose which folder I want as the data folder.


Then I load a stage setting onto the board, play with it, load another, maybe I don't like it so I load another over it etc etc.

You can also create packages which will load 100 stage settings at once.

So you can have one package with all the default setttings and another with 100 downloaded stage settings or another with ones you created.

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That's great info.  So once I have all the Stage Settings in the locations that I want them to be on the PX5S can I then save this as a package and have the Data Editor later load them back into the keyboard to their customized location?

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