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Easy- make sure you are in step sequencer mode of course, hit endit key-new menu will appear. Use scroll down arrow (button) until you see "copy" in menu. Hit "enter" key. Another menu will appear...."track" and pattern"-scroll to pattern menu item and push enter key again. Now LCD will show "from' and "to" choices-using arrows, then scroll wheel or directlypushing pattern button you want to copy to, hit enter and done. Make sure to save the changes you made y pushing the "write" button after you copy whatever you did, into a new (or the same) user memory slot for that sequence. Well, maybe not so easy........th small screen makes steopping through all these menus a little tedious, i think having the "menu' and "edit" buttons completely seperated makes it a little harder to understand the process, but it's there. Hope this helped.

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